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The need for quick money is sometimes commonplace among some individuals. At any time, unbudgeted expenses may be required. In such situations, it is obvious that the time seems very long. This is why several devices have emerged to enable people in need to cope quickly with unforeseen events. Subscription for a quick credit is the solution that comes first. Indeed, statistics show that the speed of obtaining a credit is the second criterion that comes just after the criterion of the rate, for French consumers who wish to take out a loan. The finding today is simple: it is the innovative online credit solutions that offer them the responsiveness and speed they desire so much. However, whatever motivates you to obtain credit, it is important to make a wise choice. That’s why this article is intended to be a guide that sheds light on everything there is to know about the quick payday loan to obtain.

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What to understand in general about the fast credit to obtain?

In the credit market, there are tailor-made offers to meet the specific needs of individuals. Do you have urgent expenses? Do you lack the means to finance a project that does not require a large capital? The bad credit payday loan fast to get is the right tool. But, how does this type of loan work?

Quick credit to get in short

As its name suggests, the quick credit to obtain is a means of express financing. It corresponds to a financing that you receive as soon as possible. It is made possible by the simplification of the granting procedures. Thus, there are different types of fast credit on the market. Similarly, the organizations that offer them are just as numerous. In practice, they focus on the following characteristics to shape their offers in order to best satisfy their customers:

  • The amounts granted;
  • Loan terms;
  • The elements needed to calculate the cost of credit;
  • The terms of repayment of the credit;
  • Other conditions of the loan.

In general, the fast loan is comparable to a consumer credit without proof. It often takes the form of a small personal loan repayable over a short period. This express financing is generally granted via the internet. In terms of duration, it varies according to the institutions offering the credit. In concrete terms, you can obtain a fast credit to obtain within 24 hours or 48 hours, or more, in proportion to the amount requested. In addition, several other expressions are also used to index this type of credit. It is :

  • Express credit;
  • Mini credit;
  • Mini ready.

What are the frequent situations of applying for the loan fast to obtain?

The quick payday loan to get is an emergency financial aid. It is intended to help you decant urgent situations and deal with various financial difficulties. For the ends of difficult months and the unforeseen, the quick credit to obtain is a solution that comes often at the right time. It is usually contracted in situations justified by:

  • The need to quickly settle vocational training;
  • The urgent need to buy a computer;
  • The desire to make a trip;
  • The need to repair his motorcycle or his car;
  • Settlement of unexpected hospital expenses;
  • The need for a payday advance;
  • Installation in a new apartment;
  • The need to avoid being discovered …

What is the typical approach to get a fast credit to get?

You have decided to take out a quick payday loan. What is the protocole ? Here are three steps to getting the coveted funding.

The use of a credit simulator

To obtain a credit quickly, you must first determine the amount you need. Obviously, since you know that you need credit quickly, you should not set the bar too high. There are also online credit simulators that can help you in this exercise. With these simulators, you determine in a few clicks the basic characteristics of your credit. These characteristics must correspond to your financial situation and of course to your needs.

The use of an online credit comparator and the choice of the financial institution

At this level, a quick credit checker to get online will help you get the cheapest loan. It is true that underwriting a fast-to-get loan is often fueled by an urgent need. But, this is not a reason not to try to reduce the cost of said credit. It is in this that the comparator of credit that offers you this site is very useful. It allows you to confront the different credit agencies of the market; this in order to choose the one that offers an affordable offer that fits your needs. The other advantage of this comparison tool is that it is easy to use, free and without commitment. Once you have targeted the ideal establishment, you can go to its website to make your request in a few clicks. Generally, you will get a response in principle within 5 minutes of your request.

The sending of the documentation requested by the credit institution

It is good to know that the documentation you will be asked for depends on the amount you request. In practice, the lender may not ask you for vouchers for amounts less than 3,000 euros. But, beyond, it is in the legal obligation to ask you for proof of income or other guarantees (a property to mortgage, the deposit of a third …). In addition, the lender will have to check your creditworthiness before granting credit. This provision is mandatory since the Lagarde law 2010. The audit in question has become more accentuated since the crisis of 2008. You must then prepare evidence of a healthy financial situation if you want to subscribe a fast credit to obtain. These are the documents you will send to the credit agency.

Online credit: a reference solution to quickly get money

It is an open secret that if you want to get credit quickly, you have to apply on the internet. Online credit is indeed the classic way to get a fast loan. All the steps are carried out on the internet for more speed in the processing of the files.

Online credit: what is it?

In a simple way, an online credit is a financing that you receive from an online bank. The latter differs from traditional organizations in that it does not offer a physical establishment. However, many traditional banking institutions also offer their services online. They use their specialized subsidiaries to issue loans to individuals via the Internet. Credit applications on the internet are constantly increasing, as online banks are known to be particularly fast. In reality, it is the characteristics of online credit that make it possible to minimize the time available for the funds granted.

The benefits of taking out an online loan

Subscribing to an online credit comes with several benefits. These also correspond to the advantages of a quick payday loan. Indeed, online loan and quick payday loan are almost indissociable. Here is a list of the benefits in question:

  • The ability to apply for credit wherever and whenever you want (online credit agencies have websites available 24/7 throughout the year);
  • The speed of online application;
  • The provision of a credit without proof of use;
  • The possibility of sending the requested documents by mail (you do not need to go to an agency);
  • The almost instantaneous obtaining of an answer in principle (it is the acceptance of your file which will condition the definitive answer);
  • The smallness or the absence of the expenses of file;
  • The ability to chain multiple quick credits to obtain (each credit must be fully repaid before a new application);
  • The possibility for individuals not having a stable financial situation to subscribe to a fast credit online to obtain …

Loan without proof to get money faster

Loan without proof to get money faster

In the world of fast-to-get loans, loan without justification reigns supreme. Indeed, it is the most adapted to the needs expressed by the applicants. It is therefore important to understand how this type of loan works.

What is a quick personal credit to obtain?

The personal loan is the consumer credit most granted in France. It is capped at 75,000 euros and can be repaid over a period ranging from a few days to a decade. The strong point of the personal loan is that it does not require any justification for use. It differs from the affected credit where the subscriber is obliged to provide proof of the future use of the funds he seeks. As a repayable loan, the personal loan must be repaid by regular and constant payments. The amount of the monthly installments to be paid during the term of the loan is defined before the credit is granted. The other terms of this loan are known even before the signing of the contract.

The ease of the personal loan in the service of its speed of obtaining

It is obvious that personal credit is easy to obtain. To get it even faster, individuals opt for loans online. Thus, the few documents requested for the granting of a personal loan can be sent via internet. In a few hours or a few days you will receive a formal response from the lender. In case of acceptance of your file, this answer takes the place of a preliminary offer of loan. However, it should be noted that the quality of your file can facilitate the processing of your application. You also have the option to make multiple requests at once. This is a good way to quickly get your credit, but especially to juxtapose the conditions of several institutions to choose the best.

Some strengths and limitations of the personal loan

Personal credit is recognized for its simplicity and efficiency. It is the ideal loan when there is a need for one-time financing. Do you have an expensive project to do? The personal loan allows you to finance all the desired projects up to the limit of its amount. However, you must know that any credit commits you and you are obliged to repay it. Therefore, it is important and logical to check your repayment capabilities before you commit.

The stability of the monthly payments of the personal loan is also one of its advantages. With this loan, you do not have to fear unpleasant surprises like those that can occur with variable rate loans. In addition, if you get a sudden money, it is possible to prepay your credit at no cost. Of course, the reimbursement must not exceed 10 000 euros over 1 year, otherwise you will have to compensate your lender.

Regarding the disadvantages of personal loan, it is important to mention them although they are few. The first limit to emphasize is that the financial institution can not guarantee the project you want to finance. This restriction is due to the fact that the personal loan is not dedicated to a particular purchase. The conformity of merchandise acquired through a personal loan or its good reception can not be assured by the lender. So, if the product is not delivered, if it is non-compliant or if there is another concern, the responsibility of the credit agency is engaged in nothing. You must normally repay the credit contracted.

Subscribing for a personal loan should not be taken lightly. Adapting the type of credit requested to the project you want to achieve is very important. For the acquisition of a means of transport or the realization of the work in your house for example, it would be better to turn to an assigned credit. In reality, the personal loan is offered at a higher rate than a dedicated loan. It is therefore important to evaluate your monthly charges before you contract it. Since these will naturally increase, you must make sure that they will not be a barrier to repaying your credit.

The importance of the file for the subscription of a credit without a quick receipt to obtain

Whichever lender you choose, acceptance of your credit application is not automatic. Indeed, everything is played on your ability to repay. If the credit institution believes that they pose a risk to you, you may be denied the loan. Refusing your file is not a bad thing in itself. One of the main reasons for refusing credit applications is the high debt ratio. In such a situation, the repayment of the credit quickly becomes bulky for the borrower. The lender who refuses your file for a debt situation higher than 33% thus protects you against this probable difficulty of repayment. Some opt for a fast personal loan to get on a long term. In this way, monthly payments are reduced. However, you should know that with this solution the cost of credit is much higher in the end.

In order to get off the hook at a quick personal loan, some applicants do not hesitate to hide information from the borrower. This is an unsuccessful approach since all credit institutions have an obligation to verify the information you provide them. Thus, attempts at deception and even omissions can result in penalties. It is therefore advisable to provide as complete a file as possible according to the requests of the lender. Here are the vouchers often requested for the granting of a quick personal loan to obtain:

  • A valid identity document (national identity card, passport …);
  • A bank account statement and the latest statements from your bank account;
  • A proof of address (recent bills of water, electricity or gas, rent receipt, property tax …);
  • Proof of income (the latest pay slips and tax notices, proof of family benefits …).

The online personal loan comparator: a solution to get the best credit fast to get

Any fast personal credit applicant to get should look for the most profitable offer. Some prefer physical contact. They then go to several institutions to get and compare offers. However, it is obvious that this way of proceeding is not very productive. How many banking institutions can you physically cover? How much will it cost to travel to these institutions in terms of energy, time and money? Remember that the chance of finding the best credit to get increases with the number of credit institutions you face.

The best tool to date for finding the best deals is the online personal loan comparator. The latter helps you to draw up a list of loan offers that suit your profile. In a short time, you will find several establishments to which you can address your credit application. However, not all online credit comparators provide the same results. The base of the lenders is not the same on all credit comparison sites. It can be interesting to browse several sites to access the most advantageous offer. Nevertheless, you can be satisfied with the comparator of credit that we propose on our site The financial organizations that we offer are selected with care for their reputation and for the qualitative aspect of their offers. The comparator you out of this lot, the most suitable for your needs and your expectations.

How to make the comparison in a concrete way? The annual percentage rate of charge (APR) is the key indicator you can trust. This rate includes both interest and all other charges or fees related to the credit. Legally, this rate must not exceed the rate of wear. Credit institutions that apply such an overrun are exposed to many penalties. You can take the time to do this check before applying. You can also make your comparison on the basis of the duration of the loan or the amount to be borrowed.

Quick demystification of credit to be obtained within 24 hours

Quick demystification of credit to be obtained within 24 hours

It is not uncommon to meet on the internet many offers that show the fast credit to get under 24 hours. Is there a rock bottom with these offers? If you ask yourself the question, it’s good enough. It is indeed important to understand the credit before making your decision.

Is the quick payday loan to be obtained in 24 hours actually available?

It is important not to lose sight of the fact that on the internet scams are legion. When looking for a quick credit to obtain, vigilance must be in order. You definitely need quick financing, but you have to be careful about choosing a trusted financial institution. The answer to the question relating to the veracity of the fast credit to be obtained within 24 hours is therefore the affirmative. However, you certainly suspect that such credit would be subject to certain conditions. This is absolutely true, since the amount granted for this credit does not exceed 200 euros. This restriction is due to the technical and legal constraints that exist in the universe of loans to individuals.

In reality, quick payday loans are consumer loans as mentioned above. However, the provisions in force do not allow lending institutions to grant consumer credit of less than 200 euros. In addition, conso credits must be accompanied by a withdrawal period of 14 days. During this period, which can be reduced under certain conditions, the borrower does not have access to the funds granted. So if you find organizations that offer you a quick payday loan to obtain in 24 hours, be suspicious and do your investigations before submitting your request.

What are the ways to quickly obtain funding within 24 hours?

When you need money urgently, several options are available to you. Loans from conventional credit institutions are not the only way to finance an urgent project. Among the options you have, choose the one that seems the most affordable.

Aim for amounts lower than 200 euros

As previously explained, it is possible to obtain a fast credit to obtain in 24 hours. However, you must focus on amounts below 200 euros to be sure to find offers. However, to get this loan you must also justify to the lender that your monthly income, whatever they are, can allow you to repay the money that you wish to borrow.

The loan solution between individuals

Apart from banks, it is also possible to make loans between individuals. You do not have to go through a credit institution to get money quickly. This still little known solution is ideal for people whose file is often rejected by the lenders. The banking prohibitions also find on their behalf. By extension, any major individual can subscribe to a fast credit using this process. The speed of lending between individuals is due to the absence of a bank or credit institution in the loop.

Generally, the demand for a quick payday loan to obtain between individuals is done online. In practice, you can go to the linking platforms created for this cause. There are also safer sites where you can get a fast loan between individuals. However, they are very demanding about the borrower’s profile. You can also choose to borrow money directly from a family member or an acquaintance. You will get the money in the shortest time against a debt recognition. If this procedure is interesting enough, it is not without risk. Indeed, if eventually you have trouble repaying the credit, it is your relationship that will suffer.

Use revolving credit

Revolving credit is also a way to get money quickly. However, you must have already subscribed to this credit to be able to get hold of the sub as quickly. Indeed, with the revolving credit, a reserve of money is put at your disposal and you can draw there at will. As long as you have not touched the reserve, you will have nothing to repay. In addition, this reserve is reconstituted with each repayment of the amounts deducted. It is obvious that this type of credit is a way to have money almost automatically. However, it has a disadvantage that is not the least: its rate is very high compared to the rates applied for the personal loan. Moreover, this rate varies according to the evolution of the market. This fluctuation does not make it possible to apprehend the cost of credit at the beginning of the contract.

The in-store credit solution

Loans distributed in supermarkets are also a way to get money quickly. These are typically assigned loans or credit cards associated with a revolving credit . You quickly receive the money and you can make a purchase without delay. When you sign up for a credit card in a store, you are also entitled to many benefits such as promotions and discounts.

Nevertheless, this type of credit has to be contracted after a thousand and one reflections. Its rate is quite high and it is often noted many breaches of regulation. Here are some offenses noted for in-store credit:

  • The ambiguity of the commercial arguments surrounding in-store credits;
  • The dissemination of illegal advertisements;
  • The insertion of unfair clauses in the documentation transmitted before the signature of the contract;
  • The “insurance” option is often pre-ticked in the documents transmitted during the pre-contractual exchange (the borrower insurance is normally optional for this type of credit);
  • The absence of certain mandatory information;
  • The non-compliance of the borrower’s creditworthiness assessment (for example, some evidence is required incorrectly).

On the same subject

On the same subject

What happens when you can not repay your credit? Anyone can subscribe to a quick credit to get? Do we have to make a loan to get money quickly? All of these questions deserve answers. The subject of quick payday loans is indeed very dense. We cover it at best by bringing you more information in this section.

What are the risks of not paying a fast credit?

Getting credit quickly is a good thing. It helps to solve specific emergencies. However, it must also be repaid promptly. In fact, when you are no longer able to repay your loan, it is advisable to quickly approach your lender to determine how the situation should be managed. You can, for example, benefit from a delay if your difficulties are temporary.

In the event that you leave up to two monthly installments in difficulty, you will have to wait for your lender to ask the Francia bank to put your name on the list of insolvent debtors it holds. This is the Personal Credit Reimbursement Incident File (FICP). Adding your name to this file mainly prevents you from taking out new credits. It is only after 5 years or after a full refund of the amounts due that your name can be eradicated from the file.