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Not having a payroll to get money urgently, is no longer a problem. As long as we enjoy sufficient, regular and demonstrable income, we can access the funding we need. Compare and choose among the best offers of urgent money without payroll and get the credit you need in minutes.

3 conditions to get urgent money without payroll

Currently, there are several financing products that we can get, even if we do not have a payroll. However, to contract these loans we must demonstrate that we have a source of income with which to be able to cope with the repayment of the borrowed money. Said income must meet the following requirements:

  • Newspapers: that is, that we receive this income on a monthly basis and lengthened in time such as the income of the self-employed or pensioners, for example.
  • Sufficient: that allows us to return the fast money requested plus the interest generated within the agreed term and without over-indebtedness. The minimum will vary depending on the entity we go to.
  • Demonstrable: that we have a document that certifies that we enjoy such income as the VAT declaration or the IRPF or a pension, for example.

If our alternative remuneration to the payroll meets these three requirements, we can get urgent money without a payroll without any type of complication. An example of alternative options that comply with these conditions are the income of the self-employed, justifiable through the IRPF and the VAT; pensions, the rental of a property to a third party or subsidies and, in certain cases, the unemployment benefit.

How to obtain urgent money without payroll and with ASNEF?

Although it seems unthinkable, in the event that we do not receive a salary itself and have debts recorded in files of defaulters, there are some companies that will grant us the financing we need. However, as is logical, none of these companies will approve our request if we do not have enough income to repay the loan.

Requirements for quick money credits without payroll

In addition to our alternative income meeting the three conditions above, we must also meet the general requirements to access payday loans. Although each entity has its own conditions in accordance with its risk policy, the vast majority agree on the following requirements:

  • Have income: as we have seen before, it is not necessary to be a payroll, but they must be monthly, sufficient and demonstrable.
  • Be of legal age: be at least 18 years old, although some urgent money entities require that we be over 21 or 25 years old.
  • Be residents: we must live permanently in the national territory.

If we comply with all these requirements, we will not have to find problems and we will be able to enjoy urgent money without a payroll in a matter of minutes in order to solve our economic mishap and rebalance our economy. However, we must have a regular, periodic and sufficient alternative income to the payroll so that a financial institution accepts to grant us one of its financing products.

Pros and cons of contracting urgent money without payroll

The credits of urgent money without payroll are a great tool that can help us to solve problems that can arise and that will unbalance our economy. Due to their determined characteristics, they offer a great number of advantages that no other type of financing offers.


  • Speed: one of the most significant advantages in the speed with which we can request and get in our account. Thanks to the fintech application we can get the urgent money without payroll we need in a matter of minutes. What will allow us to solve our unexpected instantly?
  • Online service: the entire hiring process is done through the Internet. From the request for urgent money, the delivery of documentation or the signing of the contract.
  • No paperwork: it is hardly necessary to provide documentation to access this type of credit. Simply delivering the identity document, proof of income and bank statement will be enough to get urgent money without paperwork.
  • Transparent: we can know all the conditions of the products before hiring them. Thanks to the online simulators of their web pages we will know how much we will pay before entering any type of personal information.

We can enjoy all these benefits with any urgent cash loan without payroll, s whenever we use them responsibly mini credit is presented as a great alternative.


  • Term: the reimbursement period is very short, usually does not exceed 30 days, so it is important to know that we can reimburse the following month without problems.
  • Reimbursement: the refund of the urgent money is made in a single payment of the capital plus the interest generated so we must know what our economic situation will be when the term ends and make sure we can refund the entire credit without inconvenience.
  • Recurrent expense: these credits are designed to cover very specific incidentals; using them regularly and as a means of repeated financing can lead to over-indebtedness.

In short, whenever we use urgent money without a payroll in a timely manner and knowing our economic limits, we can enjoy all the advantages they offer and solve our unexpected contingencies instantly and without complications.