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The web is teeming with short-term mortgage offers, but which loan should you choose? You will find out more about this in this article, which gives you a brief guide to the popular quick loans.

Do you dream of a new kitchen

Do you dream of a new kitchen

A holiday with the children or just to afford a little more of the everyday joys? Then you might consider taking a quick loan. Many Danes have already done this, and it can also be a good solution if you are in urgent need of money.

However, before applying for a quick loan , be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the loan. Of course, you should also look at loans from several different providers, and during your research you will probably ask yourself: Which quick loan is right for me? The answer depends on your specific situation. How much money do you need to borrow? And how fast can or will you pay off the loan? Start by asking yourself these questions.

Borrow money for what you need

Borrow money for what you need

Many payday loan providers advertise that you can lend to what exactly you need. Conversely, you should also not borrow more money than you actually need. If you are approved for a quick loan, it may be tempting to borrow a little extra, so there is also a good dinner or extra large gifts for the children, but because the interest rate is typically higher than on a regular consumer loan in the bank, it can be a expensive affair if you choose to borrow money that you really do not need.

Then, carefully review your finances to find out what you can afford to pay in monthly benefits. The benefit is directly related to the maturity of the loan, and you can often choose how many months the loan will run over. By doing a little preprocessing, you can therefore secure a monthly benefit, which still leaves air in the economy.

Pause the loan


Several mortgage loan providers offer mortgage loans that take into account changes in the economy of unemployment or unforeseen expenses. At Good Finance , for example, you can take out a quick loan with unemployment insurance, or you can choose a so-called Pause Loan , which allows you to pause the quick loan if you need it for a month.

If you imagine that you need such a hedge in the future, you may want to take a closer look at the loan companies offering this.