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It can be difficult to determine what is the best loan on the market as there are several factors that play into it. Of course, the price and options for maturity mean a lot, but it’s up to you as a customer to decide what suits you best.

It must be the best loan. The experts say that the cheapest is the best, and it is also seen as such overall, but many customers will not look so much at the cost, but more on whether they can afford to pay it back, relative to their finances and budget.

Loan or credit

Loan or credit

There are two loan types that are very popular and they are quite different. They are both in the consumer loan category, but one type has a fixed loan amount and maturity, while the other is a so-called credit solution where the customer gets an account with a maximum amount that can be withdrawn into the account, and no maturity as such.

The credit card is widely used but can become a much more expensive solution for the consumer. As mentioned earlier, a longer maturity will always provide a more expensive loan in the end.

The customer decides

The customer decides


Customers have a strong focus on the price of the loan they intend to take, and of course the loan providers are aware that this is the case. But it is also a fact that the cost of the installment each month has a big impact on the customers’ choices. The providers on our site, for the most part, have many different maturities that the customer can adjust as needed and desired.

It is very transparent and everyone can see that the price of the loan will be higher if the maturity is extended. The shorter the maturity, the cheaper the loan will be. Conversely, the amount of the monthly installment is something that many customers do not like, namely that it increases, the shorter the maturity.

The size of the repayment is in many ways the most important factor for many customers, because here it is about what is to be paid each month and it has an impact on the amount of money available in the economy. The larger the installments, the smaller the available amount, and it can mean a little less air for the fun of everyday life. This is a cost many will not pay, so rather slightly higher interest rates, so there is advice to wiggle their ears in daily life.

You need advice


If you have to choose the best loan for you, then you have to look at all the things that matter to you and then you have to decide what is most important. It’s up to you, after all. It is crucial that you can afford to pay off your installments and thus the entire loan at the agreed time. This means that you must not squeeze your budget so much that there is a chance or possibility that it may go wrong.

There must always be room to pay the installments. If you have to choose between the cheapest loan and the best for your finances, then you will have no doubt. We can only recommend that you do what you can afford without jeopardizing your finances. It can have serious consequences if something goes wrong