July 18, 2023

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Digital forensics is a branch of forensic science that focuses on the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices related to cybercrime.

Digital forensics is the scientific acquisition, analysis and preservation of data contained in electronic media, the information of which can be used as evidence in court. There are different types of digital forensics solutions used in business applications including computational forensics, mobile device analytics, network analytics, and cloud analytics.

Digital forensics solutions help improve visibility in the business application, allowing them to quickly respond to incidents, implement effective containment, and minimize technical issues. The rapid advancements in forensic technology are expected to drive the growth of the digital forensics market.

Companies offer several different features in digital forensic software, including multi-case features like tagging, searching, tagging and bookmarking in multiple cases. In addition, companies offer various specifications such as face and image detection, panel-driven interface, and custom interface.

For example, in September 2020, AccessData Group, a leading provider of integrated digital forensics and e-discovery software, announced the launch of V7.4, the latest version of the digital forensics software solution from the company that presents enhancements allowing users to investigate all types of devices and types of data, regardless of the device on which they are stored.

Market dynamics

The global digital forensics market is expected to grow significantly over the forecast period owing to the increasing attention paid to social media forensics.

Advances in Industry 4.0 and Web 2.0 technologies have dramatically increased the acceptance of social media platforms and have become a primary source of socialization. Users actively share their information, create accounts, and engage in social interactions through these sites.

In addition, various social media applications such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have been exposed to multiple cyber threats and malware. Attacks on social media platforms can take place outside the system / network or within the network. Attacks from external systems typically include Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) or (DoS Denial-of-Service), while attacks within the network include data retrieval from cookies. The database of these social media applications is the most vulnerable to such attacks. In light of this situation, digital investigators have shifted their focus to social media forensics.

Among verticals, government and defense are expected to show the highest growth during the forecast period. The government and defense sector is the segment most susceptible to cyber attacks. Cyber ​​attacks in government and the defense sector are aimed at political gain, terrorism or regional rivalry.

For example, according to the analysis, in 2015, cyber attacks in the government and defense sector accounted for around 7% of global cyber attacks in all sectors, which reached 14% in 2017. As a result, government agencies are more concerned about cyber attacks. data security and confidentiality. Thus, government and defense industry adopt top-notch digital forensics solutions and services, which is expected to help the market growth.

The companies covered in this study include

  • AccessData Group, Inc.

  • Company presentation

  • Product portfolio

  • Financial performance

  • Key strategies

  • Recent developments / updates

  • Guidance Software, Inc./OpenText Corp.

  • Oxygen forensic medicine

  • Paraben society

  • Cellmark Forensic Services

  • Binary Intelligence, LLC

  • FireEye

  • Nuix Pty Ltd

  • IBM Company

  • LogRhythm, Inc.

  • Magnet Forensics Inc.

  • Cisco Systems, Inc.

Main topics covered:

1. Research objectives and hypotheses

2. Scope of the contract

  • Description of the report

  • Definition and scope of the market

  • Abstract

  • Opportunity Map

3. Analysis of market dynamics, regulations and trends

  • Market dynamics

  • Conductors

  • Constraints

  • Market opportunities

  • Regulatory scenario

  • Industry trend

  • Merger and Acquisition

  • New system launch / approvals

  • Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

4. Global Digital Forensics Market, By Forensic Type, 2017-2027 (USD Million)

  • introduction

  • Market share analysis, 2017 and 2027 (%)

  • Segment trends

  • Forensic computing

  • Network forensics

  • Mobile device surveys

  • Forensic cloud

5. Global Digital Forensics Market, By Component, 2017-2027 (USD Million)

  • introduction

  • Market share analysis, 2017 and 2027 (%)

  • Segment trends

  • Equipment

  • Software

  • Services

6. Global Digital Forensics Market, By Tool, 2017-2027 (USD Million)

  • introduction

  • Market share analysis, 2017 and 2027 (%)

  • Segment trends

  • Data acquisition and retention

  • Analysis of forensic data

  • Data recovery

  • Review and report

  • Judicial decryption

7. Global Digital Forensics Market, By Industry Verticals, 2017-2027 (USD Million)

  • introduction

  • Market share analysis, 2017 and 2027 (%)

  • Segment trends

  • Government and Defense

  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)

  • Telecom and IT

  • Retail

  • Health care

8. Global Digital Forensics Market, By Region, 2017-2027 (USD Million)

9. Competitive landscape

  • Company presentation

  • Product portfolio

  • Financial performance

  • Key strategies

  • Recent developments / updates

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