December 2, 2022

Discover and manage network devices with Advanced IP Scanner


As you can guess from its name, Advanced IP scanner is a network scanner for Windows, which checks your network for connected devices and tells you more about them.

It doesn’t sound particularly interesting, especially since there are so many similar tools out there already. But wait – Advanced IP Scanner has some advantages that help it stand out from the crowd.

These start right after downloading. Launch the installer and you can install it normally, but there is also an option to run Advanced IP Scanner as a portable tool which is handy if you want to try it on someone else’s system.

Ease of use is another plus. You do not need to specify adapters, IP address ranges, or masks; just click “Scan” and the program will detect and check each of your network cards.

A simple table of results lists any hardware detected, its name, manufacturer, IP and MAC address. But it does not stop there. Advanced IP Scanner also checks the ports of each device and finds HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and RDP resources, as well as shared folders. Double clicking on one of them will open the resource in your default client.

Right-clicking on a device reveals even more options. You can shut down or start a PC remotely via Wake-On-Lan; there is integration with standard Ping, Tracert, Telnet and SSH tools; and if you have installed Radmin (a commercial remote administration tool from the same developer), you will be able to access the system, control it and transfer files.

Finally, a handy bookmarks system allows you to easily back up any remote devices that interest you. In the future, you will be able to scan only these, rather than the entire network.

Some of these things are a bit basic. If you use the context menu for “Ping” on a PC, for example, you can expect to see a graphical tool with more options. But all the program does is launch the standard ping.exe console, opening a command window to display its results.

However, this integration can save you time, and overall Advanced IP scanner is a cool tool that is simple to use, but with handy bonuses that more experienced users will appreciate.

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