December 2, 2022

File Explorer will not detect network devices in Windows 10


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Microsoft has confirmed that there are bugs in the Windows 10 April 2018 Update. And while they have confirmed that they fix a number of issues, some users need to fix them faster, on their own. , before Microsoft did.

Many users have encountered a bug that prevents File Explorer from finding network devices or even sharing files with other computers. Microsoft is investigating the issue, but there is a way to allow users to restore functionality until the company fixes this bug.

On their community forums, a Microsoft agent describes the bug that some people may have after Windows 10 April 2018 Update (version 1803):

File Explorer cannot connect to other devices running version 1803. When you click Network tab in File Explorer, other home network devices running version 1803 do not appear and So I am not able to perform file sharing or access files on other devices. on my home network.

How to fix the file explorer bug

To fix the bug, you need to change the default configuration of some Windows 10 services. First, you need to be logged in with an administrator account.

  1. Press ‘Win Key + R’ -> type services.msc in the Run dialog box. Hit enter. You will see a list with the services available in Windows.
  2. You must modify the parameters of certain services (see list below). Double click on each service and go to ‘Startup type’ section -> select Automatic (delayed start) -> apply. Perform this action for the same service. Here are the services that need to be tweaked:
    • Computer browser (browser)
    • Function Discovery Provider Host (FDPHost)
    • Publishing Function Discovery Resources (FDResPub)
    • Network connections (NetMan)
    • UPnP Device Host (UPnPHost)
    • Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRPSvc)
    • Peer Networking Cluster (P2PSvc)
    • Peer Network Identity Manager (P2PIMSvc)
  3. Restart your PC and the bug should be fixed.

If the network sharing functionality has not been fixed, follow the same steps and revert to the original settings of the above services. If the fix worked, continue with the new settings until there is an official fix from Microsoft.


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