September 22, 2022

Hackers demand $7.5 million from oil to unlock computer network | Guwahati News

DIBRUGARH: Oil India Limited, which is facing a “major” cyberattack from anonymous hackers, has received a ransomware demand of $7.5 million to unlock the affected computer network. The oil major received the ransom demand via a note from one of the infected personal computers, OIL said on Wednesday. Hackers targeted OIL’s servers with malware attacks severely affecting IT operations.
The company is currently in contact with top cybersecurity experts to thwart possible damage and has already taken steps such as detaching its IT systems from larger internal networks.
“OIL has requested the help of international consultants to solve the problem. Hackers could come from within the country or from abroad. We hope the issue will be resolved soon,” OIL spokesman Tridiv Hazarika said.
The complaint lodged by Oil India Limited at Duliajan Police Station on Tuesday stated: “We received an email on 12th April from our Managing Director (IT) Keshab Bora stating that two days ago a Ransomware cyberattack s occurred on one of OIL’s workstations in the G&R department After preliminary investigation, it was found that OIL’s network, server and client PCs are experiencing a network outage.
“Additionally, it was also found that the cyber attacker demanded $75,000,000 in ransom via a note from one of the infected PCs. OIL is a public sector company and due to this cyber ransomware attack, OIL and the state treasury have suffered huge financial losses as IT activities have been severely affected,” said the police complaint, signed by OIL Director (Security) Sachin Kumar.

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