September 22, 2022

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Learn about the different types of network devices and their features

In order to set up a suitable network system that provides a fast and smooth internet connection, a number of different types of network devices are required because of their separate functionality required for networking.

The list of names of these devices is varied, such as hardware and network equipment. Even though these names have the same meaning, it is also important to know how these tools work to establish a smooth internet connection. There are different layers of a computer network that mostly operate in individual areas, thus calling themselves “network protocols. “

Besides LAN and Wi-Fi, which are quite common and we know the tasks they perform. However, this article will mainly discuss a few other network devices and their purposes that you might not be aware of… yet.

Network switch

This device works mostly on the same layer as the local network, but smarter than a network hub, because it “filters” first and then “transfers” the data. As soon as a data packet reaches the switch, it “filters” the packet and then sends the data only to its intended recipient.

For this reason, the network switch also consists of a CAM (Content Addressable Memory) table with its own system configuration. It is also known as the Transfer Information Base.

Network concentrator

The underlying purpose of this device is to establish internet connection on multiple devices to transfer data. It is the job of the network hub to copy a received data packet to all other devices connected to it.

Despite such sophistication in its functionality, the network hub is not always safe and secure; Moreover, the whole system becomes slower when a large amount of data is copied to all connected devices, thus giving rise to the network switch which escaped this problem.



This tool is responsible for redirecting website traffic across multiple networks. This is really useful for private corporate networks when they need to connect to the public network. The whole concept is similar to a traffic police whose role is to assign vehicles specific routes for driving.



The purpose of this tool is to intensify the signal it manages to absorb. Rather, it is a booster that retransmits the received signal with greater intensity, allowing it to cover long distances.

Repeaters help college students enjoy a fast internet connection if the distance between the campus and its ISP connection is great.


As all these devices are connected to each other, this forms a Network topology.

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