September 22, 2022

Microsoft Defender ATP Now Identifies Network Device Vulnerabilities

Microsoft announced a new feature called Microsoft Secure Score for Devices, which applies to the company’s Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). With Microsoft Secure Score for Devices, the company’s endpoint security platform now helps IT administrators secure and identify vulnerabilities in network devices.

Microsoft Defender ATP now covers network devices

While Microsoft Defender ATP examines network devices to keep network security threats at bay, Microsoft Secure Score for Devices determines the overall security state of the corporate network.

In its updated support document, Microsoft Explain:

“Your device score is visible in the Microsoft Defender Security Center Threat and Vulnerability Management dashboard. A higher Microsoft Device Security Score means your endpoints are more resilient to cyber security threat attacks.

The configuration score, which is now part of Microsoft’s Threat and Vulnerability Management, applies to devices in categories such as network, accounts, operating system, applications, and security controls.

The Microsoft Secure Score for Devices card includes data such as misconfigured assets, vulnerability configurations, best practice configuration baselines, and security control configuration state changes for all assets.

Currently, it supports configurations set through Group Policy.

“Due to the current partial support for Intune, configurations that could have been set through Intune may appear to be misconfigured.”

However, IT admins can check the actual configuration status in case your organization’s secure configuration management is handled by Intune.

Corporate network security recommendations

The security of the corporate network can be improved by addressing and correcting the threats and security issues that appear in the list of security recommendations, thereby improving the Microsoft security score for devices. From the Threat & Vulnerability Management dashboard, view the list of recommendations by category. You can also view all safety recommendations by clearing the search field.

Once you have selected the remedial options for each recommendation, you can understand the context of the problem, in addition to your future course of action. You can also view the Microsoft Secure Score for Devices card on the dashboard. The number of security check recommendations will decrease.

Recently, Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) extended its support to the new Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) scanner that prevents attacks at the hardware and firmware level.

Microsoft Security Score for Devices

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