December 2, 2022

Monitoring and mapping software that automatically connects network devices


New CTG network card monitoring and mapping software function.

This innovative feature pursues our company’s goal of capturing network information once and leveraging it through other features available in our network application suite.

Cascade Technologies Group, LLC, today announced the release of network management software that automatically connects assets graphically to neighboring devices. New CTG network map The software provides a real-time status map of corporate networks and is now included in the CTG Network Management Software Suite.

No additional data entry is required to generate a new network map. The software leverages existing CTG Network Manager data to display asset map information. The CTG network map graphically connects devices to neighbors on the network status map when assets have been selected.

According to Darren Harle, CEO of Cascade Technologies Group, LLC, “This innovative feature pursues our company’s goal of simplifying asset management by entering network information once and taking advantage of other features available in our suite of network applications.

Characteristics of the CTG network card:

  • Real-time network monitoring, asset mapping and status display.
  • Full integration with CTG Network Manager
  • Automatic generation of asset mapping connection.
  • The global network map and detailed map are displayed based on the physical location of the assets.
  • One-click administration tool connections with SSH, Telnet, RDP, VNC, etc.
  • Customize status reporting requirements globally or by asset.
  • Ability to include unmanaged assets for network clarity.
  • Client-server state connectivity with map display on each CTG Network Manager workstation.

The CTG network map is available for download from as a fully functional 30 day trial. Existing licensed and trial users of CTG Network Manager can download this update for free.

Cascade Technologies Group, LLC, provides software development and professional IT services. The CTG Network Manager software suite has been developed based on the concepts of the ITIL © framework and as an affordable and comprehensive network management and monitoring tool for IT departments of all sizes.

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