December 2, 2022

New Ethernet and peripheral networking hardware for critical network devices


Summary of the press release:

The IOLAN SCG Modular Console Server provides up to four secure remote access points to critical network devices. It supports both RS232 RJ45 and Usb connectivity, has advanced network security, authentication schemes and standard data encryption tools.

Original press release:

Perle launches modular console servers for in-band and out-of-band management

Support for up to 50 USB and RS232 console ports, redundant copper and fiber Ethernet network access, WiFi network access and V.92 modem connection

NASHVILLE, TN — October 30, 2018 – Perle Systems, a global provider of advanced serial-to-Ethernet hardware and peripheral networking, today released the IOLAN SCG Secure Console Servers as an advanced IT infrastructure management solution.

Most devices are now accessible directly via an Ethernet network. However, in environments where 24/7 availability is expected, this single point of access is simply not sufficient, especially if the IT assets are in controlled server rooms, offsite or difficult to access. This is where a console server comes in. It gives administrators a secure way to remotely access the console management port of every device on the network. This ensures the ability to monitor, manage, troubleshoot or restart critical IT assets anytime and from any location.

New Modular IOLAN SCG Console Server takes this solution to the next level. It offers up to four secure remote access methodsto critical network devices.

  1. All Modular IOLAN SCG Secure Console Server delivered with redundant Support for copper and fiber Ethernet network access. Any double combination of the two Copper 10/100 / 1000Base-T Ports and two 100 / 1000Base-X SFP fiber Ports can be used to meet unique network access requirements.
  2. All IOLAN SCG W Secure Console Server also comes with integrated Wi-Fi network access on dual band radio antennas for optimal wireless performance, reliability and signal range. With a wide range of wireless LAN technology support (IEEE 802.11 a, b, g, n, i @ 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz) and fast wireless speeds of up to 150Mbps, the IOLAN SCG W is ideal for ensuring you always have access to critical network devices.
  3. All IOLAN SCG M Secure Console Server also comes with a integrated RJ11 V.92 modem connection for a secure and reliable out-of-band connection over the POTS network. This means that if access to the IP network becomes unavailable, the IOLAN SCG M can serve as an alternate access method needed to troubleshoot and restart critical network devices.
  4. The IOLAN SCG WM gives you everything – access to the redundant copper and fiber Ethernet network, access to the WiFi network and the V.92 modem connection.

The IOLAN SCG modular console server, with 18, 32, 34, 48 or 50 console management ports, supports both RS232 RJ45 and Usbconnectivity to console ports on equipment such as routers, switches, firewalls, servers, PBXs, network storage equipment andsecurity devices. The modular design of the IOAN SCG allows the user to swap, upgrade, and scale to any “mix-and-match” combination of USB 3.0 or RS- interface module cards. 232 RJ45 with 16 ports. The IOLAN SCG Console Server can be purchased fully or partially populated so that modules can be swapped out or added by users as needs grow or change.

John Feeney, COO at Perle Systems comments: “We recognize that every network is unique. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to in-band and out-of-band IT asset management. These new modular “mix and match” console servers offer multiple levels of accessibility and manageability to reduce deployment frustration while preserving existing investments.

With advanced network security features, recognized authentication schemes, and standard data encryption tools, IT administrators can be confident that network data transmissions and all access to console administration ports on the computer equipment are secure.

All Perle IOLAN Console Servers use only high-end components to ensure product reliability. Perle backs this up with a lifetime warranty to ensure user satisfaction.

Learn more about IOLAN SCG modular console servers.

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