June 25, 2022

New Itential Research Finds Lack Of Automation Compromises Network Configuration Compliance

New research reveals the state of network configuration management and automation in the enterprise.

By enabling end-to-end automation on hybrid infrastructure, teams can ensure consistency of network configuration compliance and accelerate processes such as self-service networking.

Itential, the leader in network and cloud automation software, today released new research results in partnership with Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) revealing that most enterprise IT organizations are struggling with managing configuration of the network and cloud infrastructure and worry that their networks may fail to comply with the configuration. checks. The report, “The State of Network Automation: The Barriers to Configuration Management Are Universal,” identifies the most pervasive IT infrastructure challenges facing businesses and network automation. can mitigate these issues by integrating end-to-end configuration compliance automation.

Enterprise IT organizations are looking for solutions that will allow them to be more agile and secure, and infrastructure and operations teams are turning to network automation solutions. The survey results confirm that any network automation initiative should include the automated enforcement of configuration compliance as a core element. Additionally, configuration compliance should be applied to automation initiatives across any part of the network, from the data center to the cloud and to the edge.

“Enterprise network engineers are comfortable with the way they do their jobs and take the ‘if it’s not down, don’t fix it’ approach to managing network infrastructure. But companies are starting to demand more from their networks. Specifically, DevOps and cloud professionals want network configuration changes to be faster, more agile and more predictable, ”said Peter Sprygada, vice president of product management at Itential. “By enabling end-to-end automation on hybrid infrastructure, teams can ensure consistency of network configuration compliance and accelerate processes such as self-service networking. “

Currently, only 34% of network management professionals are completely satisfied with the tools and processes they use for network configuration management. Three in four IT organizations are concerned that their configuration management process could cause errors that could lead to security or performance issues. The study also found that more than 60% of those polled are unconvinced that significant parts of their networks could pass compliance audits, especially in the areas of data centers and the public cloud.

“Network automation can improve operational efficiency, but this research has revealed that IT organizations also need to deploy automation tools that can provide end-to-end configuration management and compliance,” said Shamus McGillicuddy , vice president of research for Enterprise Management Associates. “The right tool can not only improve efficiency, but also reduce security risks and improve overall compliance in hybrid infrastructure. Organizations need to identify their priorities for network automation to transform operations by partnering with the right vendor rather than developing custom tools in-house.

Itential and EMA interviewed more than 1,000 IT professionals responsible for some aspect of network design, implementation, and management, with additional survey results highlighting common challenges in networking. ” network automation faced by network engineers and IT professionals, including:

  • Inconsistent processes in place for implementing network automation.
  • Weak change controls that lead engineers to bypass them to make manual changes, resulting in errors caused by ghost manual processes.
  • Lack of staff with sufficient expertise to oversee network automation initiatives and lack of IT leadership.
  • Legacy equipment that cannot handle necessary tasks. More than a third of organizations struggle with legacy network equipment that is difficult to automate.
  • Difficulty evaluating and selecting solutions.

To learn more about the results of this survey, read the full report “The State of Network Automation: The Barriers to Configuration Management Are Universal”.

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