December 2, 2022

Riverstone IT Aims to Close Computer Network Gaps for Small Businesses


With over 20 years of experience in enterprise information technology, Chris Carroll decided to take the plunge this summer and start his own business serving the IT needs of small and medium businesses.

Riverstone IT, located at 81 Belmont Ave., where the former Full Circle Holistic Vet Clinic was located, recently underwent renovations, Carroll said, with a view to developing additional office space at the site and building a team.

After several years of computer consulting and working full time, Carroll said that in the middle of the summer he decided to open his business full time.

Carroll, who works with his wife, Lisa, said they have been busy on the computer / network side with customer employees moving to work from anywhere due to the pandemic. Lisa takes over the office with administrative duties, Carroll said, while providing a much needed help with on-site installations for network, phone or camera installations.

Recently, Carroll has also embarked on offering VoIP telephone services, providing voice communications over the Internet. “As long as you have an Internet connection, a VoIP phone will work from anywhere,” he said.

Carroll says the IT industry has changed over the years from a product-based business where he sold hardware and software to a service-based model where he plays more of a consulting role.

In previous years, he would install and configure a customer’s products, then walk out the door. With today’s service model, he said, “you are building ongoing solutions,” including maintenance and installing updates.

Many IT companies offer universal packages, he said, which are expensive for many midsize businesses. “In IT, there is no one size fits all,” Carroll said.

“I have developed a platform that covers the essentials that a business would need, which therefore lowers the barrier to entry,” he said. Working closely with his clients, he can examine what additional products and services they might need to resolve any other issues and achieve their business goals.

While Carroll has said he works with just about anyone, as long as it’s suitable for everyone, his target customer size ranges from 10 to 150 employees.

His duties, he said, included everything from covering the entire aspect of phones through networks, making sure networks are stable and functioning efficiently, keeping security up to date and with best practices, backup systems and help desk management for users.

“Whenever they have a problem, they call,” he said.

Carroll said Riverstone even installs digital surveillance cameras and provides backup services. According to the company’s website, customers have the option of logging into the system and accessing live images remotely on their mobile device.

Riverstone IT is open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, but Carroll said, “If someone calls at 2 am,” they most likely will answer them. For more information call 218-2040, email [email protected] or visit

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