December 2, 2022

Telstra Wholesale launches new network configuration tool


Telstra has reconfigured its network, giving wholesale customers the ability to connect to a total of 110,000 business premises, without requiring the construction of additional infrastructure.

The release of the new Unified Access capability means Ethernet products are now available on most NTUs (Network Termination Units) managed on Telstra’s fiber network. For Ethernet access, more than 50,000 additional devices are already in place. For Wholesale Business Internet, more than 30,000 additional devices are now in place.

The new capability also allows customers to move their services from one wholesale product to another more seamlessly than ever before.

Telstra customers can also benefit from increased efficiency and opportunities to deliver services faster, to more locations, reducing the likelihood of commercial work and fee-for-service costs required for truck movements. and additional wiring.

Qualification of new sites in the WAN is available from today in Telstra Wholesale’s quoting tools for wholesale enterprise Internet and Ethernet access products.

Glenn Osborne, Director, Sales and Wholesale Segment, Telstra Wholesale
This new network configuration which we call Unified Access unlocks the potential of our assets by extending access across Telstra’s network, making it easier and cheaper for wholesale customers to activate more end users, quickly and most often without advances. charges. Telstra Wholesale is excited to serve as many businesses as possible with fiber and now with 110,000 business addresses connected on Telstra’s fiber network, this opportunity is greater than ever for our customers.

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