December 2, 2022

Twin Falls County computer network remains down, cause under investigation | Politics


County email addresses also work. The county has set up Internet hotspots in various offices so that some staff can receive and respond to emails.

But departments are operating with limited capacity until this situation is resolved, Johnson said. Residents who need to do business with the county should call the appropriate department to check what services are available.

Along with the county departments, the local justice system has been affected by this disruption. Eric Wildman, administrative judge for the state’s fifth judicial district, issued an order on Sunday restricting the operations of county courts.

Under this ordinance, county courts will only hold hearings on emergency matters, including arrests in custody, pre-trial detention hearings, civil protection orders, emergency guardianship proceedings, child protection proceedings, adoptions, juvenile detention hearings and civil mental engagement proceedings. .

Hearings on matters other than those listed in the order are postponed. This command will remain in effect until Wildman issues a new one.

Idaho Supreme Court spokesman Nate Poppino said 275 hearings were postponed due to the order. Although these hearings are postponed, affected parties can still file documents and respond to filings.

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