December 2, 2022

Uber investigates computer network breach by teenage hacker


Uber Investigates Computer Network Breach By Teen Hacker – Top Class Actions

Abraham Jewett |

September 19, 2022

Category: Data Breach

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Overview of the Uber data breach:

  • Who: Uber says it is investigating an apparent data breach of its internal networks that was potentially committed by an 18-year-old man.
  • Why: A self-proclaimed hacker posted screenshots on Telegram last week of what they said showing sensitive information about users on Uber’s internal networks.
  • Where: Uber is used by consumers nationwide.

Uber said it was investigating after an individual claimed to have gained unauthorized access to its internal networks.

The transportation company reportedly discovered on Thursday last week that its internal networks had been compromised, with Uber taking down some of its systems in response, Law360 reports.

Uber said last week that it was investigating the cause of the “cybersecurity incident” and that he has been in contact with law enforcement.

In an update Friday, Uber said it found no evidence that sensitive user data was compromised, and said all of its services remain operational and it is bringing all of its systems back online.

Uber discovered breach after apparent hacker posted screenshots on web forum

Uber first became aware of the data breach after an individual claiming to have breached its systems posted screenshots on Telegram purporting to show sensitive user data, including financial information.

The bad actor – who reportedly identified as an 18-year-old man – said he was able to access Uber’s service after tricking one of the company’s employees into giving him his password, reports Law360.

As well as announcing that he had hacked into Uber’s servers, the hacker also allegedly wrote a message – seen in a screenshot circulating on social media – about how the company allegedly underpaid its drivers.

The actual severity of Uber The data breach remains unclear at this time, reports Law360.

Earlier this month, U-Haul International disclosed that it had suffered a data breach. exposed personal information – including the names and driver’s license information – of some of its customers.

The transportation rental company says the data breach occurred after a hacker was able to gain unauthorized access to a U-Haul customer contact tracing portal.

Also this month, CSI Financial Services agreed to pay $2.65 million to resolve the company’s claims mishandled a data breach Last year.

Are you worried that your personal information was exposed in the Uber data breach? Let us know in the comments!

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